Roots Canada: 50% off All Watches

Roots Canada: 50% off All Watches


What time is it, you ask? Of course you're asking, you haven't picked up an awesome Roots watch yet!

I am not a watch guy. Even when I wore watches, they never lasted. I'd take it off for some reason and never put it back on or I'd forget to take it off and it'd get wrecked. Regardless, I do like a good watch. It seems classy to me. I mean, it's definitely classier than pulling your phone out to check the time but even beyond that there seems to me to be a sophisticated air about a quality timepiece. One of these watches would be a great gift idea for any watch wearer on your list. Or maybe I'm just crazy, I dunno.

And it doesn't have to be your traditional gold watch or giant, five pound metal clunker around your wrist. You can get a cool leather cuff style watch like the Men's Landmark Tribe Watch (Was $125 - Save $63.02 - Now $61.98) or a cool retro-looking digital watch like the Ladies Boardwalk White (Was $45 - Save $23.02 - Now $21.98).

There is no warranty and no returns on these watches. Shipping was under $5 for me.

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