Roots Canada: 20% Off Everything, 8 Hours Only!

Roots Canada: 20% Off Everything, 8 Hours Only!

Roots Canada has a special 20% off everything sale, for only eight hours! No coupon codes are required, and this sale is applicable to all regular priced and sale items!

This sale includes EVERYTHING! Well, at least the email we got said it would. When I think of everything Roots, I think everything leather! I have a small love affair with leather bags and purses and I have always found Roots bags very high quality. They are also very rarely discounted, so maybe a little leather shopping is in order.

Though under the men's section, I have a huge love affair with thisJr Raiders Bag in Tribe - I just love all the Raiders bags, really! I am such a huge Indiana Jones fan! This one is certainly better for the budget, though still a good $198. This sale will take the price down to $158.40.

For something really decadent, these new French Tote Biarritz available in a variety of multi-colours are just beautiful to look at and I am sure to hold. They are priced at $288 and with this sale should come down to $230.40.

Roots Canada used to make the most exquisite bucket bags and I really regret not buying one when I had the chance, as they don't seem to make them anymore. I thought they were the perfect shape purse! What is your favourite Roots bag?

This sale is only on for eight hours, so by time the newsletter comes out it will be gone. We couldn't publish it any earlier (gag orders and we didn't know about the sale till a short time before), so I just hope that all the Moosers who check the blog or the phone app enjoy the sale and all our newsletter Moosers understand.

Free standard shipping on any order size $75+ within Canada.

(Expiry: 24th July 2013 @ 8PM EST)


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