Roombas: Not Just For Cat Rides

Roombas: Not Just For Cat Rides

It’s a common misconception that a roomba is some sort of pleasure-vehicle for cats. You might be interested to hear that a Roomba also vacuums the floor. Who’d have thunk it!? have a great offer on the Roomba right now. The dealio is that you can buy the red roomba for only $159.99 from Dell Canada, including free shipping. This is a saving of $90 on the regular roomba price! Don’t foget you can get a bit of free cashback too.

I’d like to get a roomba, but I think my apartment is too small to really justify it. Plus, the kitchen is the only room without carpet, and I don’t know how well they do on carpeted floors. I’m just a geek, I want every techie gadget I can get my grubby little hands on!

Youtube is coming down with kitty-riding roombas. And how about this cool time lapsed pic of a roombas path?


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  • Moe
    I would love to have a red one of these. I'm thinking it wouldn't be much good with my shedding German Shepherd though. I swiff and then the second she walks by she drops a load. (of fur)
    • Anna
      Glad you added the last 2 words!