Rogers Canada Freebies: 3 Special Edition eBooks

Rogers Canada Freebies: 3 Special Edition eBooks


I got an email this afternoon, which is supposed to be a thank you to magazine subscribers, but found that the link was open and available to the general publish, so I thought I'd tell all you Moosers about it too! Get three ebook PDFs for free, by clicking the link and reading or printing and reading. These are really great ebooks, and I actually was considering buying the print copy of one today at the grocery store!

I actually find this freebie quite exciting, as I'm an avid reader, especially of magazines. There is something for everyone with these freebies. I love lists and the Macleans version of lists are comical, entertaining and very informative.

The Chatelaine Holiday Best recipes download has some amazing and delicious recipes, and is a perfect already put-together holiday party. You don't need to do any research!

I am not much a star-gawker, but I do indulge this bit of a guilty pleasure when I go to my mom's house, as she buys all the best celebrity magazines. I actually can't wait to see who makes the list of legendary love stories.

I don't know how long this freebie will be out there, so you might as well get it now!

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