Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler Beach Carts from $87.42

Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler Beach Carts from $87.42

Love going to the beach but not lugging all the chairs, umbrellas and toys to and from the car? The Wonder Wheeler is a beach cart designed to make those trips a little easier, and has them on sale right now!

First, the Deluxe Wonder Wheeler($87.42 from $121.49). It's an all-terrain folding cart you can use for groceries, day trips and getting the kids' gear to soccer practice.

It can hold a 48-quart cooler, as well as up to four chairs and whatever little things your family needs to haul around (up to 100 lbs of cargo at once). This cart also comes with a removable tote bag, side umbrella holder and mesh pouch – and you can even detach the wheels!

You can think of the Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide ($90.17 from $107.99) as new-and-improved version of the Deluxe Wonder Wheeler. The main difference is the addition of extra -wide, 10-inch tread wheels that make pulling the cart over sand a little easier.

Both of these carts will ship for free.


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  • Williamson P.

    Great companion for the sup , 1 trip for the both of us