Replica Airguns Canada Coupon Code: Free Shipping

Replica Airguns Canada Coupon Code: Free Shipping


Replica Airguns Canada is a new-to-us company so give them a warm welcome to Bargainmoose and take advantage of their current free shipping coupon code with no minimum.

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  • Coupon Code: FreeShipNew14
  • Discount: free shipping
  • Expiry: 25th July 2014

I come from the land of guns: being raised around the ones that shoot real bullets meant to kill things. I was also raised around shooting ranges and target shooting so I am pretty well versed in the world of rifles, pistols, revolvers, and more. For Father's Day, I bought my Dad a spring loaded air pistol so he could play with something in the back yard in town instead of have to go out to the range or to his friends' places to shoot. I love my Dad, but sometimes I wonder about him. He asked Mom to shoot him with the air pistol because he did not think it would really hurt. My parents are crazy. Trust me, do not do that.

Thankfully, he was just using an airsoft pistol much like this Colt Combat Zone Stryker Clear Airsoft Gun, which will not kill him. It just hurts. It is an awesome little toy for just $21.99 plus a little extra $$ for ammo. There is pretty much $0 maintenance costs because it is spring loaded instead of gas powered so you don't need to continually buy gas for it.

Replica Air Guns also sells pellet guns, BB guns, blank guns, all the accessories, and more. I think this Dan Wesson 2.5 Inch Gold CO2 4.5mm Air Pistol is a real looker and priced at $189.99. I love the gold accents and the small size of this revolver. Thankfully, it comes with a speed loader, changeable tactical rail, and six cartridges to speed up the action. However, it does require CO2, which is probably your least cost efficient of the energy sources in the end. You are probably better with green gas because you can guy a conversion kit to use on the small green camping propane tanks to keep your costs down.

Most items ship via Fedex. I tested out a cart with the above Wesson Air Pistol, and shipping to me would have cost $15. Therefore, this coupon certainly has good value even if you buy items at regular price. I would be tempted to get my father a second air pistol if I knew him and Mom would use them responsibly.

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