Red Bull Canada: Get a Free Can Of Red Bull (MB, SK, AB, BC)

Red Bull Canada: Get a Free Can Of Red Bull (MB, SK, AB, BC)


Red Bull gives you wing! Well, actually it doesn't.. and they had to go through a law suit for even saying that. But that doesn't matter because right now you can get yourself a free can of Red Bull to enjoy. Seems awesome right? Just find the cans in the image below to get your voucher for a free can of Red Bull.

Keep in mind that this offer is only available for residents in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. I live in Ontario so I am pretty bummed about that actually. But if you live in one of those four provinces then get ready for a free energy boost. The freebie does not require any purchase, but you're going to have to work for it a little. You must find 9 cans of Red Bull in the image above to get your voucher for a free can of this stuff.

In college I basically lived off Red Bull. While attending classes and working in the evenings, I was also craving a nap. Red Bull (while not the healthiest beverage on the planet) definitely pulled me through some days when I didn't have time to catch some Z's. Back then they didn't have a variety of flavours either, so you are lucky! Now Red Bull Canada offers a few different options like cranberry, tropical fruits, blueberry or lime.

Finding the cans may be a little time consuming, but it was fun nonetheless. I love the hidden object games so this was right up my alley. You can't cheat either, the hidden cans will be in different spot for each person. So as much as I want to list some spoilers and help you out, it won't help. Sorry!  You can zoom in though, which is great considering how small the cans are.

There is a limited number of free cans to be given out, so I wouldn't hesitate long to redeem this offer. After you find all of the cans, you will be asked to connect via Facebook to get your voucher. Once you get your voucher you can head on over to your local Mac's Convenience Store to redeem the freebie. So hopefully you have one of those stores nearby as well.

(Expiry: Soon)


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