Rawlings Baseball Pitching Machine $19.99 @ Toys R Us

Rawlings Baseball Pitching Machine $19.99 @ Toys R Us

With spring comes baseball and I've got 2 kids raring to get in the batting cages! While we might not have the time (or budget!) to hit the cages every day, this handy helper is certainly going to be well used! The Rawlings Baseball Pitching Machines are 40% off at Toys R Us for $19.97, regularly $34.99!

This is going to be the gift that keeps on giving! The Pitching Set comes with 5 toy baseballs and 1 telescopic baseball bat, making it easy for carting around and setting up.

You can arrange the machine angles for the best pitch for each player, based on their individual height. Batters should stand 5-10ft away from the machine for the best pitch height.

It's best for beginners to get a feel for hitting as well, be sure to encourage your little all-stars to make their way around the Batter's Box. They'll gain confidence quickly and feel much more comfortable once practices and actual games start!


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  • Jeff W.

    Dangerous?? How can this be dangerous ??

    • Maisie W.

      Really? You know our children right?

      • Jennifer M.

        maybe this is what Kaylee' s puppy needs to keep him entertained

        • Kaylee P.

          I'm sure he would love that!! That's a good idea

          • Kyle G.

            Once it stopped throwing balls he'd eat it lol