Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Free Sample + Coupon

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Free Sample + Coupon


We have posted about this offer before, over a year ago (see post HERE), but Anna and I agreed it deserved a second look! For all you cat lovers out there, you can get a free sample of one of Purina's ProPlan Cat/Kitten foods PLUS a 'High-Value' coupon!

The choices for your free sample are:

  • Pro Plan® Adult Chicken and Rice Formula
  • Pro Plan® Indoor Cat Formula
  • Pro Plan® Weight Management Formula
  • Pro Plan® Kitten Chicken and Rice Formula

I don't have a cat anymore (I use to have a couple generations of the cute little furballs) but I am sure any cat would love this stuff! Purina makes wonderful cat chow!


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  • Kate
    Don't have a cat? Get the "high value" coupon, buy the food and then drop it (and the free sample!) off at your local shelter. You'll feel double good for saving money while feeding hungry lil' kitties!!!
    • Avigayil
      That is a fab idea! Thanks Kate!
    • Shannon M.
      This was a generous freebie sample! 125g of dried cat food plus a $5.00 coupon for a 1.59 kg bag of cat food and BOGO of wet catfood.
      • laura
        i have three kitties and although only two of them are just reaching two years old, they are fat! so i got the sample of the weight management and they absolutely loved it. definitely going to use the coupons.
        • Verna M.
          Got the sample through Shopper's Voice; much to my surprise my very finicky cat absolutely loves this stuff (chicken and rice)! Now all I have to do is manage to get to a pet store, as Proplan is apparently not available at regular retailers.
          • jb
            pro plan cat food sample expired- keep your website up to date