Puma: 30% Off + Save the Taxes + Duty (18%) Thanksgiving Sale

Puma: 30% Off + Save the Taxes + Duty (18%) Thanksgiving Sale

I was going through my wardrobe the other day and never realized how much Puma clothing I have. I blame their fabulous sales! With no taxes nor duty (= 18%) and another coupon code for 30% off in celebration of Thanksgiving.. Puma is offering stellar deals these days!

Puma also has free shipping on orders of $85+, a minimum I never have trouble meeting. This deal is for full-priced items only, so unfortunately I can't just load up in the sale section. But with a coupon this bug you can really make your own sale.

I also never realized how much they have for kids. These pleated polo dresses for girls are just adorable... orig. $40 but just $28 after coupon. They also have a wide selection of athletic pants for boys... and goodness knows they need them. prices are fairly reasonable too for these active pants: orig. $34 they come in at $23.80 after the coupon.

Sale ends 10th, October 2011


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