Print Coupon and Take $7 Off Enfamil A+ Formula @

Print Coupon and Take $7 Off Enfamil A+ Formula @


If you have a baby, then you know how expensive baby formula can be. Luckily, if your baby is on Enfamil, you can print this coupon to take $7 off Enfamil A+ Family of Infant Formulas. You will need a printer as well as an Enfamil account to print out this incredible coupon.

I breastfed until my son was about four months old, at which time I needed to start supplementing with formula. My doctor recommended Enfamil and I have absolutely no complaints. We used the Enfamil A+ Gentlease formula in conjunction with breast milk and I never had any issues. Formula can be super costly though, which is why this high value coupon is so wonderful.

I usually bought formula in the "Enfamil Refill Box" size, since it seemed to be the most cost efficient. After all, how many of the plastic containers do you really need? At Walmart the Enfamil A+ Gentlease Refill Box is $45.98, so with $7 off you are getting quite a deal. You may even find it on sale before your coupon expires if you are lucky.

The expiry will vary depending on when you print your coupon. So if you are just expecting a baby right now, then maybe wait a wee bit before printing this offer.

Moosers, what type of forumila is your little one on?

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