PrincessAuto Canada: 6V/12V Battery Tester For Only $20 (Save $30)

PrincessAuto Canada: 6V/12V Battery Tester For Only $20 (Save $30)

A car battery tester is an essential for everyone reading this and for $20, there is no excuse not to pick up this one from PrincessAuto.

A battery tester seems like a waste. It sits on a shelf for years, but when you need it, you are glad you have it. There are a lot of crooked mechanics out there who just want to get your money and they will lie to do so. If you go in there already knowing your battery is bad (or better yet, avoided going in there) then the tester has paid for itself. Everyone should have one sitting in their basement or closet.

This one is normally $49.99, but you save $20, bringing it down to $19.99. Shipping, for me, was $8.

Continuing on my investigation of how badly Princess Auto outperforms Canadian Tire in just about every way, I looked into a near identical battery tester at Canadian Tire. Much to my shock, the original price was $49.99 - the same as Princess Auto! But Princess Auto has it on sale, so that's obviously a better - wait... What's that?! Canadian Tire has a sale too and it's a birthday sale!? Oh no, this doesn't look good for my deal. I mean, you'd figure Canadian Tire would at least have price matched their sale, especially on their birthday. Oh, hold one. No. That's right, at Canadian Tire the tester, on sale, is $29.99, and they won't ship it to your door for $8.

One of these days I'm going to write up a great Canadian Tire deal, and someone reading it is going to come back to this article and throw it in my face. Oh well, until then, enjoy your cheap battery tester from PrincessAuto!

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