PrincessAuto Canada: 50% off a 440 lbs Flip Down Hand Truck ($30)

PrincessAuto Canada: 50% off a 440 lbs Flip Down Hand Truck ($30)


Start moving stuff like a pro with this flip down hand truck from Princess Auto! It was $59.99, now $29.99.

I might have mentioned this before but I feel kind of weird writing about stuff from Princess Auto. I think it's because so many of our articles are for women by women. Of course there are women who are gonna salivate over a great price on a floor jack or throw stacks of money at their screen in an attempt to get an awesome ratchet set to immediately fall out of their computer. But I'd say for the most part, at least with stuff from Princess Auto, the primarily female audience of BargainMoose adheres to the standard heteronormative structure. That being said, I think almost everyone - male or female - should have one of these hand trucks.

The only reason I say almost everyone is because if you have a bachelor apartment, you probably don't have room for this. So why would you want one of these? Well, simply, to move stuff. I don't even mean for moving furniture (which we'll discuss later) but for day-to-day stuff. I do a huge chunk of my groceries at Costco and I never bring bags. So I end up making fifteen trips back and forth like I'm a choo choo train just to bring in all the stuff. With something like this you can just load up all your groceries and haul them in one load. Do you burn wood for heat in winter? Stack it on this to move it around. Do you garden? This is more compact and just as useful as one of those big green garden wagons. And like I mentioned earlier, it's awesome for moving furniture around when you are rearranging or painting or even just cleaning.

(Expires: 6th October 2013)


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