PrincessAuto: $50 off A Propane Convection Heater! ($120)

PrincessAuto: $50 off A Propane Convection Heater! ($120)


It's about to get really cold so keep warm with this Propane Convection Heater from Mr. Heater and Princess Auto Canada!

We do a lot of stuff outdoors in the winter, which is kind of weird. I think a lot of people take cold as a reason to stay inside. But no, we spend a lot of time sitting in hunting blinds, ice fishing shacks and other small, freezing cold boxes. Many of these cold boxes are unpowered. That's where something like this 30,000 to 80,000 BTU convection propane heater comes in handy.

It's normally $169.99 but you're getting $50 off so you only have to pay $119.99. A small price to pay for not being found as a frozen corpse in a shack somewhere.

This is a convection heater so it sucks cold air in the bottom and expels warm air out the top. It says that it's best for small to medium confines spaces so, as I mentioned, perfect for a hunting blind or ice fishing shack. Even for a shed or garage if you want to do some work without freezing. It would even be good if you have a big driveway to shovel and want a warm place to sit half way through digging out from the latest snow storm.

This item qualifies for free shipping with Princess Auto's September free shipping deal. If you are getting it after the September shipping deal, shipping will be based on where you live.

(Expires: 6th October 2013)


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