Princess Auto Canada: Tri-Fold Aluminum Ramp for Only $100 - Lowest Price Yet!


Was this tri-fold aluminum ramp too expensive the last time I wrote about it? Well, it's almost $40 less now, so check it out at Princess Auto.

Like I said before the link, I wrote this up once already. When I first wrote about it, it was $137.99 and you were saving $92. The original price at the time was $229.99. Now, it's dropped in price again, so even though you're saving less money ($80 as opposed to $92) you're still getting it for less. This time it's $99.99 instead of the new regular price of $179.99!

It's still the same great product, and this is a better deal. One of our Moosers, JFranz said of the last deal:

Actually a great deal as if it’s a solid ramp the price is incredibly low!

Well JFranz, I hope you either didn't buy this ramp the last time, or aren't reading this now, because it's still the same great ramp but at an even better price! The ramp is meant for loading a truck or trailer, but you could use it for anything you need a bridge or ramp on. Of course, make sure you stay safe, and don't use this product irresponsibly.

Looks like shipping to my place in Atlantic Canada is a bit more at $35 this time, but it's still a great deal.

(Expires: 20th October 2013)

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