Princess Auto Canada: Save $60 On AutoLink AL519 OBDII & CAN Scan Tool ($89.99)

Princess Auto Canada: Save $60 On AutoLink AL519 OBDII & CAN Scan Tool ($89.99)

Absolutely everyone should have one of these, and at this price, you can't afford not to have one. Get $60 off an AutoLink OBDII & CAN Scan Tool and get it for $89.99!

Seriously. I think everyone should have one of these. Doesn't matter if you're a car guy or if you're car clueless. What is this device I speak of, and why do I think you all need it? I'll tell you what it is first. Before I do that, I want to mention that I'm not a mechanic, so the information I'm giving you here is only what I've been told by mechanics. It could be incorrect for your vehicle or wrong altogether.

You know when you bring your car to the mechanic and he says he's gonna hook it up to the computer? Well this is the computer. Basically, it scans the car's sensors and computer to figure out what's broken.

But why do you, the consumer, want one of these? Well, it could save you tons of money. You know that ominous "check engine" light that comes on in your car on occasion? Well it doesn't always mean your engine is gonna explode. Sometimes, in some cars, it means that your gas cap is loose or not on. It could even mean the gas cap vent is plugged and there is too much pressure in your gas tank. I know this because these are all things I've experienced. In one instance I actually paid some local crook... er... mechanic... $70 to tell me that my gas cap was loose. What makes it worse is that in some cars the only way to clear the light is to run one of these scanners on the car.

In most cars there is an OBDII port under your steering column, down by the driver's feet. You just plug in this scanner and see what's up. Make sure that you do your research and find out if your car has an OBDII port. You can find that out online, or in your car's user manual.

Shipping varies based on where you are, but it was $8 to ship to me on the east coast.

I hope your Land Rover doesn't melt, Klaus Nahr, and thanks for the image!

Do you dabble in the dark art of car repair? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • MTL retail prices are inflated ,does not reflect reality at all .No real savings
    • Avigayil M.
      Which deal might you be referring to? This is a Princess Auto post!
    • Avi
      I have the Innova version of this - The unit gives you a reading of the POSSIBLE issues or most likely issue. You then take the code it gives you are suppose to take it to the mechanic ( in my case Honda dealership) and they should look at it and do the work. Honda would not look at it - they only do there diagnostic test. They did the work I told them too (via the Innova read out). They refused to reset my engine light and tried to squeeze me for $80 plus tax to run a diagnostic test. I went home reset the light. The work I requested was the solution base on this tool. Its good to know this is available to the public vs a mechanic or dealership trying to screw you. The gas cap issue (in this posting) is the most often issue related to the engine light where the dealerships and mechanics cheat you. Its a great tool