Princess Auto Canada: 3 1/2 Ton Low-Profile Floor Jack Only $125 (Save $75)

Princess Auto Canada: 3 1/2 Ton Low-Profile Floor Jack Only $125 (Save $75)


Bypass the mechanic and do it yourself with a 3 1/2 Ton floor jack for only $124.99 (regularly $199.99) from Princess Auto Canada.

Don't do any work on your car unless you know what you're doing. Seriously, you can really hurt yourself or bust up your car pretty badly so be careful.

I'm so mad. Normally I take this opportunity to show you how terrible Canadian Tire's prices are. Every time I price check a Princess Auto item against the same or similar item at Canadian Tire, Princess Auto is always cheaper. And it isn't just that the sale price is cheaper, the regular price is cheaper too. It's ridiculous. Of course right now Canadian Tire's price system is down so I can't look up the price in order to show you how much better this is at Princess Auto.

I did the next best thing and got the price from Home Depot. It's not a 3 1/2 Ton Low Profile Jack but rather a 3 Ton Jack. It's $189.99 which is just about regular price for the Jack at Princess Auto.

If I had the facilities to work on my truck, I'd have one of these. Unfortunately I have an uneven gravel driveway and I definitely don't need a rock shifting and dumping a truck on me. Even right now I have something messed up with one of my wheels. I know I could fix it or at least diagnose it if I could get the car up in the air and spin the wheel. Maybe pop the wheel off and take a look to see if something is rubbing on the rotor.

I don't know how much shipping is because that functionality of their site isn't working for me right now. I suspect it won't be cheap since it's pretty heavy but it'll be expensive to ship from any store and you can probably pick these up in-store as well.

(Expires: 14th February 2014)


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