PrettyLitter Helps Monitor Your Cat's Health

It changes colour to let you know about any potential problems
PrettyLitter Helps Monitor Your Cat's Health

I want to take a minute and talk about something nobody really likes to discuss: kitty litter. It doesn't smell great at the best of times, and it's a pain to scoop – but this stuff can also be a big help. For one, it means you never have to get up a let your cat outside. And two, there's one kind that can give you insights to their health.

PrettyLitter calls itself "the world's smartest cat litter," and many people say it lives up to those claims. For one, you go through less of it than you would with other brands. It doesn't produce anywhere near as much dust, so it's better for asthmatics. And third, it can alert you to problems with your best friend's well-being.

Full disclosure here: I don't actually own a cat. I've lived with a few in the past, but my home is currently pet-free. That means I haven't actually tested out PrettyLitter products, so what I say here is based on reviews I've read online. I'd recommend reading a few for yourself, but the price is right to just test this litter in your house.

They say one bag should last one kitty an entire month, which means you have to spend less time emptying that litter box in the first place. It's also fairly light, so you might not end up straining your back every time you grab the bag. Plus, they offer monthly subscriptions delivered to you and savings plans for multi-cat homes!

In a nutshell, PrettyLitter is not a diagnostic tool, and you should always see your vet if you're worried about your pets. However, cats aren't exactly great at telling us when something is wrong, and PrettyLitter is a great way to let you know about the potential presence of a urinary tract infections, kidney stones or acidic urine. It changes colour to red, blue, green or some variation of orange to let you know if there are any problems.

What do the colours of PrettyLitter mean?

A complete list of colour indications is available online, but here's a rundown of the shades your litter could turn. Red might indicate the presence of blood, which could be symptomatic of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder, bladder stones, kidney stones or internal injuries. Blue or dark green could be a sign of alkalinity (and potentially UTIs), while orange might alert you to acidity and some kidney problems.

Can you mix PrettyLitter with regular litter?

According to some reviews I saw, you can mix PrettyLitter with other brands of cat litter, but that kind of undermines the whole point. If you're using PrettyLitter to try and find out more about your pet's health, diluting their litter with other kinds might not give you the entire picture, and it could be harder to see colours.

Does PrettyLitter ship to Canada?

Okay, it would be a little mean if I told you all about their products, and then you found out that PrettyLitter doesn't even ship here. So before you worry, yes, I did check things out, and they offer shipping to Canada. Canadian orders up to 25 lbs will be assigned a delivery fee of $8 USD. Just remember that everything is priced in USD, and bags tend to start around $22 USD (so about $28.98 CAD). You can also occasionally buy PrettyLitter on Amazon Canada, but it hasn't been in stock there for a while.

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