Pre-Order Pokemon Go Plus For $45 @

Pre-Order Pokemon Go Plus For $45 @

Pokemon Go fans, now is the time! Nintendo was talking about releasing a bracelet-style accessory to help you collect items and catch Pokemon - and here it is. The Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus is now available for pre-order at and it will only cost you $44.99 including shipping.

This accessory for the Pokemon Go app is supposed to make your life a little easier when it comes to collecting Pokestops and catching all the Pokemon. Apparently, you can wear this accessory wherever you are and catch Pokemon with just a click of the button. Can you see yourself using something like this?

Now you will be able to collect Pokemon, Pokeballs, Eggs, Berries and more without having to look at your smartphone. I am not sure how it will catch Pokemon for you, without you actually having to play the game - but the idea sounds good if you don't want to keep pulling your phone out everywhere you go.

The Pokemon Go Plus band will connect with your Pokemon Go app via Bluetooth. When you are within range of a PokeStop or Pokemon, both your phone and Pokemon Go Plus accessory will vibrate. Then, without even looking at your phone, you can press the button on the Pokemon Go Plus to try and catch the Pokemon while you are out and about.

This item is shipped and sold by, so since it is over $25 you will get totally free shipping on this purchase. This is a pre-order, so the item is actually released on September 30th. Remember when you pre-order from Amazon, the price is also guaranteed. So if you do see it on sale before you receive the item, you can have the price adjusted.

Are you or the kids still playing Pokemon Go?


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