Pop Bubble Bags From $7 @ Shein CA

Much cheaper than in your local toy store!
Pop Bubble Bags From $7 @ Shein CA

How cool do these Bubble Pop Bags look at Shein Canada? They are sized for kids only which is a shame, as I love the quirkiness of them. Shein are selling Pop It Bags from just $7 which is brilliantly low for such a sought after item.

Shein Bubble Pop Bags

Shein don't have a decent enough selection of Pop Bubble Bags so you're bound to find one - having said that I think your kids would love any of them.

The lowest in price is this Colourblock one* for $7. The quirkiest ones has to be the Burger shaped one* for just $10.

Our favourite is this Girls Cartoon Unicorn Design Crossbody Bag*for just $8. It's so awesome that we want an adult sized one!

Shipping is $6.95, or free when you spend $49.


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