These Pomsies are the Pets on Everyone's Wish Lists

These Pomsies are the Pets on Everyone's Wish Lists

Last year, it was Fingerlings. And the year before that, Hatchimals. Well, parents, we may have just figured out what one of the top toys will be this Christmas.

They're called Pomsies, and if your kids haven't been asking about them yet, chances are they will soon.

They're sometimes called Pomsies Pom Pom Pets, because they look just like little pom-pom puffs of fur – and yes, they're just as adorable and soft as they sound.

So what are Pomsies?

Well, like Fingerlings, they're lovable and wearable interactive pets. There's just one twist: Pomsies are soft and cuddly! Each one has a long, fuzzy tail that you can wrap around your wrist, backpack or almost anywhere else.

Their eyes will light up and change colour to show their mood, so you'll always know if your Pomsie is hungry, sneezy, silly or super happy. They're capable of 50 different reactions (including purring), and they can even play a freeze dance game with you!

There are a few different Pomsies to choose from, and each one comes with a brush to help you keep their fur soft and silky. You can find the biggest selection (and best prices) at Walmart Canada. Each one there costs $19.88, and they even sell an exclusive rainbow Sherbert pet!

You can also find a limited selection at (for $19.88 each). They are available at Toys R Us Canada and Mastermind Toys for $19.99 a piece. Just note that you won't be able to pick your colour when you shop at Mastermind, whereas the other stores will let you choose.

And if you're looking for something similar, you might want to check out Lil' Gleemerz, too! They're interactive pets that respond to touch and sound, and they light up in all colours of the rainbow.


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