Plus Size Clothing Deals @ Penningtons, MXM & Addition Elle!

Plus Size Clothing Deals @ Penningtons, MXM & Addition Elle!

This deal is for online use @ Penningtons, Addition Elle and MXM Canada, the ladies plus-size clothing stores. For 3 days only, they’re offering free shipping, between April 24th and 26th 2009. This is pretty handy in and of itself, but the main reason for posting this deal is the “online dollars” offer.

Here is the breakdown of what you get:

  • Spend $50 now you'll get $20 off a $100 future order
  • Spend $100 now and get $40 off a future $100 order
  • Spend $150 now and you'll get $60 off a future $100 order
  • Spend $200 now and you get $80 off a future $100 order

When you are redeeming the online dollars @ MXM, Penningtons or Addition Elle Canada, you do have to spend a minimum of $100 on the future order, as you can see above. This is a bit high, but if you end up spending $200 to start with, it means you get an $80 off $100 for the future, which is pretty decent.

You must buy online before the 28th of April 2009 to qualify for the free online dollars. When you receive the coupon codes by email, you must then make your future spend between the 10th and 19th May 2009.

Right now, they have a “spring sale” online, so it definitely might be worth hunting down some bargains. Maybe you could even browse with a friend, and try and bump your order up to $200, to get the most discount in the future!

I’ve had a bit of a browse on the sites and I quite like these items:

Search on Penningtons for the “Tattoo printhoody” for $40.99. It is pictured top left. Looks quite nice, plus it’s been discounted by 30%. I like wearing hoodies so if you’re caught in a little spring rainshower you can easily cover your immaculately styled coiffure. Who am I kidding, I just don’t like getting my messy hair wet!!

At MXM Canada (for the younger ladies) check out the “patterned baby Julia” top for $18.49 to $24.99, depending on the color and size combination shown. You can see it in the picture to the right, the pink top in the center.

Over on Addition Elle Canada, I quite like the “3/4 sleeve fooler cardigan with stripe” which is priced at $44.99. It is pictured on the bottom of the image to the right. Quite slimming, I think!


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