Playmobil Advent Calendar $29.71 @ Chapters Indigo

Playmobil Advent Calendar $29.71 @ Chapters Indigo

Advent calendars are such a classic Christmas tradition in so many families. I was really pleased with this calendar when I saw it, because it is the ultimate Canadian Advent calendar, really. Hockey and Canadians go hand in hand and so it is, with this calendar, your kids will race across the frozen pond for a shot on goal!

There are 24 items in the calendar to surprise your kids with each day before Christmas.

Only when all of the pieces have been revealed can you finish setting up the players on the ice and then of course it's GAME ON!

The adorable calendar is selling for $34.95, but during this weekend, you can snag it for 15% off because Indigo has a special offer going on! Save 15% off select regular price items including toys, style, home decor and more!

You'll have to use code INDIGO15 at checkout to take advantage of this offer. This will lower your price to only $29.71! (Other retailers are selling this for as much as $40 so you can see this is a great idea to buy it now.)

Shipping is free because your total is still over $25 or if you prefer you can choose to pick it up in-store also for free.


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