Play Station 4 Pro Pre-Order $499.96 @

Play Station 4 Pro Pre-Order $499.96 @

One of the surest ways to get your hands on the new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Console on release day, Nov. 10th, is to pre-order from It's currently selling for $499.96 and although you'll find similar pricing at other retailers, you'll have the advantage of release day delivery and a price guarantee when you pre-order from If the price drops between now then on their website, you'll get the lowest price. (Some restrictions apply.)

I've stood in line before for various consoles on release day and this is by far the best way to guarantee a console. You'll be able to have it in your hands on release day if you select the 'two-day shipping option' during checkout. If you're an Amazon Prime member this will be the default option set. offers an additional 2 year warranty against drops and spills, etc. for $84.02. Could be worthwhile.

The PS4 Pro features spectacular graphics. You'll also experience enhanced gameplay that has faster frame rates to deliver super-sharp action (for select PS4 games.) This is a worthwhile upgrade for any gamer!

The system is compatible with every PS4 game. You can play online with other PS4 players with PlayStation Plus.

With up to 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling for video content (using a 4K display) you'll feel as though you're truly immersed in the game and really, isn't that what the experience is all about?

Note: There was some confusion with the word 'bundle' used on the website in regards to this system and an Amazon representative has clarified in the comments section that you will not receive a game with this console. On the upside, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll get 20% off of game pre-orders and select new games!

Shipping is free.


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