Pizza Pizza Deals: Plenty Under $20!

Pizza Pizza Deals: Plenty Under $20!


Here’s one of the latest promotions from Pizza Pizza Canada. The offer only costs $19.99, and you can make use of it by ordering online, or just take advantage of the offer from your local store.

Here’s what you get for $19.99:

  • Any size pizza
  • Any 3 toppings
  • 10 wings or 10 bites
  • 1 dipping sauce
  • 4 pack of pop

I guess as it says any size pizza, there is really no reason for you not to order the biggest one they sell! Just looking at the pizza in the image is making me hungry for my lunch!!


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  • Rob
    Is a load of bull, they dont mention that you have to add 3 extra bucks for a large or Xl pizza, so in fact its no longer any size!!! its a plenty for 30.00 after taxes... or a plenty of Sm-MD pizza for 20.00 !! I called CR and all they can say is, Oh sorry !! What a joke. but I should be used to there lies and well there are always hidden surprises with pizzapizza...