Pie Face only $14.97 @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)

Pie Face only $14.97 @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)


**Bump: This game has dropped in price! For those of you who already ordered, Amazon's price guarantee will give you the lowest price. If you haven't ordered yet - do so now as it is only $14.97!**

I wanted to introduce you to a little game which is popular across the pond but isn’t yet widely known in Canada – PIE FACE! It’s going to be released next month, but you can actually place your order on Amazon now, at a really good price too only $19.99. - now $14.97!

The game involves you putting your face in the slot, and turning the handles. There’s a little cream pie which goes on the throwing arm, and every time you turn the handles, there’s a chance you will get splatted in the face with the pie. I will link up to the Youtube video below – this looks amazing! The kids would absolutely love it!

Remember, Amazon has a great price guarantee. If you order this now and the price drops at the time of shipping, you will only pay the lower amount. However, I think this is going to be a sought-after item and I don’t think that the price will fall between now and then. But even if it does, Amazon has you covered.

I think this is going to be a real hit if you buy the game for Christmas. If you’re having a family get-together, this would be hilarious to play at the time!!

As for prices elsewhere, it’s not yet widely available in Canada. You can also order it on TRU for the same, but they don’t have the same guarantee as Amazon, or the potential free shipping.

Here's how it goes:


(Expires: unknown)


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  • chrissy
    the price is showing as 19.93....
    • Anna W.
      Deal is over at the lower price, sorry!