PhoneGala: Hands-Free Smartphone Mount Was $10 | Now $4

PhoneGala: Hands-Free Smartphone Mount Was $10 | Now $4


I have a bad habit of trying to see who is texting me while I am driving. Though, I generally only do that at lights. Rather than fishing my phone off the seat beside me, it would be MUCH easier if I had it mounted in my car so that I could just see the message as it pops up. I found this Adjustable Universal Mobile Phone Suction Cup Car Windshield Holder on clearance at Phone Gala from $9.99 down to $3.99. Receive free shipping on any order with our exclusive coupon code123MOOSE8TH (code now expired).

These little phone mounts are pretty awesome. It is a universal mount, which means that it will adjust to fit any size mobile phone, PDS, GPS, iPod, iPhone, MP3 and MP4 you own. For my iPhone 5, this mount would work exceedingly well. The suction cup will stick on your dash or on your windshield and the adjustable arm will allow you to position your cell phone exactly where you want for easy viewing.

Essentially, this little smart phone holder for your car is small, practical, and useful. The design is fairly lightweight and shockproof.

While looking at this hands-free car mount, I found a bike mount on sale as well. This Universal Mobile Phone Bicycle Mount Holder was $9.99 but is now $3.99. It gives you all the same features as the car mount but it attaches to the handlebars on your bike instead. If you bike to work or like to cycle a lot, then one of these little mounts is a pretty handy little tool.

The car mount is my favourite of the two as most people drive a car. Also, a lot of Canadians have the very bad habit of texting while driving, talking on their phone while driving, and checking email while driving. Do yourself a favour and get this mount. Then simply set you phone on speaker and chat that way while keeping both hands on the steering wheel.

These little gadgets make great gifts (think stocking stuffers). I think I am going to buy a friend of mine one for his car as he notoriously texts while driving.

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