Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik HD Speakers for only $65 (Was $200) Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik HD Speakers for only $65 (Was $200)


Cool looking and good sounding? Remind me of myself never! Hey-ooooh! Get these speakers for super cheap from PhoneGala!

I had never heard of before today. Some guy walked up to me, spit in my face, punched me in the throat then, as I was laying on the ground, he took out a sticky note and a pen, wrote "PhoneGala, Palo Alto Cubik, $65" and stuck it to my chest with a thumb tack. Naturally I yelled after him and asked "Why would you use a thumb tack?! It's a sticky note! They're self adhesive, it's right in the name!" He didn't say anything so I turned my attention to the note. It sounded like a good deal so I checked it out. As it turns out, it is an exceptionally good deal. These speakers are normally $200 but you get them for only $65! That's $135 off!

It sounded like an MSRP before price though and maybe they were being sold for $70 everywere else and $65 here. Well, I started looking for other retailers selling these and it seems pretty much everyone sells these for $200+. This is a legit good deal.

And if you're worried about the quality, I found them being sold on the Apple website. If Apple is selling them, you know they are good quality. As much as I don't really like them, they don't sell low grade crap.

Shipping is free and, if you aren't sure if the site is trustworthy, they are owned by the same people who run 123inkcartridges, PrimeCables and FactoryGlobal.

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