Petcetera: Get a $25 Gift Card with $50 Purchase

Petcetera: Get a $25 Gift Card with $50 Purchase

There is a promotion on right now at Petcetera that anyone with a pet should look at taking advantage of.  Get a $25 gift card with the purchase of $50 or more.

You will be able to get 1 gift card per transaction but you can go as many times as you would like to get the gift cards.  They are valid for the week of September  3rd -9th.

We like taking advantage of this offer because one of our dogs is on specific diet dog food that can be pricey.  We will go in and get a bag at a time to get the gift cards and then when we are able to use the gift cards, we stock up on the expensive dog food.  By doing this we get almost double for our money. If you have the room to do this, is is a great way to save money on any pet supplies you might need.

(Expiry: 2nd September 2012)


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