Petcetera Canada: Free $25 Gift Card with $50+

Petcetera Canada: Free $25 Gift Card with $50+


My favourite pet deal is back on again for a couple of weeks.  When you spend $50 or more on almost anything at Petcetera in stores, you will get a free $25 gift card to be used on future purchases.

I said this is on almost anything because it does have some exclusions.  It excludes the purchase of gift cards, services or adoptions, but anything else you buy will get you this free gift card.

Additionally, unlike some deals from stores, the gift card has no expiry date and you can use it on any future purchases with absolutely no minimum charge required. This is perfect because you can save up a few of them if you want to and go on a great little pet shopping spree when you have a few of them.

The best way to take advantage of this deal is by splitting up your purchases if you are spending $100 or more. When you do this, you will get a gift card with each $50 purchase, or you can head in a few times during this week to get more than one gift card. For example, instead of spending $100 in one order and getting one $25 gift card for free, you can going twice and spend $50 each time and you will get two $25 gift cards.

If you are lucky, some locations will allow you to split your order and pay separately so that you wont have to go in separate times. I have done this a few times but it is up to the retailer if they want to allow this or not. Either way, it is best to do separate orders to get more gift cards.

(Expiry: 16th March 2104)


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