Personalized Wood Teether Phone For $16.24 @

Personalized Wood Teether Phone For $16.24 @

This is kind of neat! Would you use it? I found the Baby Toy Wood Natural Teething Phone on for $16.24 and it can be personalized with your little one's name on it. These sweet little teethers ship right from Ontario for just $2.05.

So I like the idea of having a personalized teether - but I have to admit I am a little uneasy about the idea of it being made from wood. I get that it would save my real iPhone from the mouth of infants, but would there be any risks? From what I can read, this is perfectly safe for your little one to drool allover, but the call is yours.

The materials are all natural - so chemical and toxin-free. The engraving is done with laser on Canadian maple wood and finished with a baby-safe unscented beeswax polish. Your faux phone can be engraved to say your baby's name on it. Choose your font, name and orientation by sending the seller a message after you make your purchase.

I can't really complain about paying just two bucks for shipping either.

Would you use this with your kiddo? Why or why not?

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