Perky Pet Bird Feeders From $8 @

Perky Pet Bird Feeders From $8 @

As my mother has had her kids move out, she has really taken to gardening and watching the wildlife in her yard. Mind you, she lives right on a lake so she does get a lot of unique critters. Most moms would enjoy a bird feeder for Mother's Day. Right now Amazon has a great Deal of the Day - you can get Perky-Pet Bird Feeders from $7.99. Amazon Prime members will get free shipping too.

If your area has hummingbirds, then I definitely suggest getting the Perky Pet Green Antique Bottle 10 oz. Glass Hummingbird Feeder. This feeder is on sale from $24.99 down to $14.99 and hummingbirds are the most interesting to watch in my opinion. They are so beautiful, and have you seen how fast their wings move!?

The Perky Pet Window Wild Bird Feedercan amuse the kids - and maybe the household cat. This feeder can be stocked with any bird seed, and it suctions right to your living room window (or any window). You will be able to watch the birds come in and have their meal right from the comfort of your home, without disturbing the birds. This one is on sale from $16.79 down to $9.98.

I will also let you know that Perky Pet has awesome customer service. One of the bird feeders I had previously purchased for my mom had something fall off, and they sent a brand new one - free of charge. Amazon Prime members will get free shipping on all of these items, otherwise you will need to spend $25 or more to get free shipping from Some of the bird feeders are over that minimum required spend, but maybe you want to grab two of the less expensive ones?

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