Paypal Canada & $25 Off Your $75 Purchase

Paypal Canada & $25 Off Your $75 Purchase

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PayPal keeps coming up with these amazing deals that make you have to shop! This one is pretty sweet. Shop at and pay with PayPal using your existing paypal account, and PayPal will give you $25 off your $75 purchase. You can combine this with any rewards points you have to get an extra discount and you may be able to stack another $10 off with our exclusive promo code. This means on your spend of $100, you could potentially get $60 off.

I couldn't find many details of this offer online, only what I was sent in an email. Basically, you are going to do all your shopping at, enter in all your promo codes, and check out using PayPal (which comes up in the box that asks you if you want to checkout). You do have to spend $75, but you are basically getting a third off your purchase price (minimum). Like I said, you can also use your rewards points, which, if you haven't shopped at before, you'll get $25 worth to use on your first $100 spend. This means a total of $50 off of $100 - now half off.

Now, I can't guarantee this will work, but this is a stackable coupon, so please try it - we have a $10 off exclusive coupon code for any purchase over $50.

***Added note*** After doing a little bit of research, this coupon is in fact stackable, but you can only use this $25 off $75 from PayPal, if you are already subscribed to PayPal's promotional emails. When you are in the checkout, there is a section titled "special offer" by the balance, which you'll need to check. has some really great sales on and they change daily, so if you don't see anything that floats your boat today, check back tomorrow. Let me know your experience in the comments below!

(Expiry: 14th October 2013)


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  • Mel
    I just made an order from and used my paypal account. The order total was more than $75 but I didnt receive the $25 off for using paypal. Any idea why?
    • Eva W.
      Sorry, we looked into why this was happening and it appears that you must be receiving their promotional emails to get this offer. Were you already a PayPal customer?
      • Lisa
        I had the same problem as Mel & I am already a paypal customer.
        • A.
          I am a PayPal customer, but cannot figure out how to sign up for promotional emails. Does anyone know?
          • Anna W.
            Try logging in and then going here: Make sure the checkbox is ticked for News and Promotions
            • A.
              Awesome, thank you! :)
            • Ginette P.
              I did receive an e-mail from Paypal for this promotion, I joigned to get their $25 off and at the check out, used Paypal and no $25 credit showed, so I ended up closing the page, but it seems that it was too late, because sent me an e-mail that my purchase would be on the way, so ended up paying more. I wouldn't have bought this thing if I would have known I had to pay that price. Can anybody tell me how to reach Paypal for this, tried to send an e-mail, but no response and this purchase should be here anytime. Thank you
              • Anna W.
                If you actually want to cancel your order Ginette, you would have to contact ...
              • Karli
                I did receive this email and also signed up with to get the extra $25. When I made my purchase there was an error message stating payment couldn't be processed but PayPal shows it was made and then refunded by I have spent an enormous amount of time on the phone hearing both parties point the blame on the other, meanwhile my "refund" has been held by Paypal for "processing" for 9 days now. Unless you enjoy being on hold, being hung up on, loaning PayPal money for free and never receiving a thing I'd not bother with this. I wish I never had.
                • Tom
                  Didn't get the $25 off from paypal either when I checkout. Maybe I'm not reading it right, but the fine print looks to suggest that I will get the discount after my first purchase. (anyhow, not fan of so far. Other than free shipping their deals are mostly meh, and some higher than retail. ) "You will receive a discount on your next purchase when you use PayPal and spend the minimum purchase amount..."
                  • gails37
                    I received the same PayPal email about $25 off $75 purchase when shopping at offered an additional $25 off if the total was $100 (for sign up) for a total of $50 off. So I purchased a book and an Android D2 tablet for $99. My total before discounts was $122. I applied the discount then I stacked an additional $20 discount code from Retailmenot. I paid using PayPal expecting the other $25 discount. It didn't happen so I called customer service at PayPal. She wasn't any help as she kept reciting the Ebay coupon practice that puts the discount in your PayPal account within 4-6 weeks. I argued that it didn't stipulate that in the terms and that it really isn't a $50 savings then. I didn't cancel as I thought it was better then nothing and I would get it eventually. Well to my surprise when the PayPal charge was posted to my bank account that week the $25 had been applied after all. Grand total for entire purchase $68. Doing a happy dance
                    • sandi
                      I should have read this before I even tried the offer. I got emails from both and Paypal this morning. Sounded legit and it seemed like I qualified, so I find some boots I like for $105. I proceed to purchase and at first I was stuck on how to add the coupon (you have to type in the amount, $25) and then pay by Paypal. I expected there to be another $25 taken off when I went through Paypal but nothing, and suddenly it was complete and I'm left wondering what happened? I immediately contacted to cancel my order. They replied "are you sure?" and I said "Yes, cancel and I may try later when the bugs are worked out", though I haven't seen a credit yet on my Paypal account. It's really frustrating how convoluted this thing is. :(
                      • sandi
                        As an update, has just sent my package, even after I thought I'd confirmed a cancellation with someone named Roxane. Now I'm still trying to prove to Paypal that my original purchase price was over $100 so I should qualify for the $25 off. (It appears that after the offer of $25 was taken off of my original $105 purchase, the total of $92.60 ($80 + 12% tax on $105 = $92.60) appeared on my Paypal receipt so to them it looked like I was under $100. Or at least that's what I can put together. Do they not try to work these bugs out before launching? The drama continues...
                      • sandi
                        I'm back... to eat crow. I am a fool! I should have taken gails37's advice to heart and actually checked my credit card activity. The correct amount was deducted. A note about the paypal account too. It's not visible right away, but if you click on "details" of the transaction, there it is. I feel like an idiot and I sent off my appology letter to them. It did throw me off when I didn't see it, but upon further investigation, it is there. I need a good cuff upside the head, LOL!
                        • T
                          Hi Everyone, Just wanted to quickly leave a message about my experience. I, too, made a purchase of over $100 at, and used PayPal. The $25 credit was given to me, but the PayPal $25 credit appeared to be missing. The receipt and the PayPal transaction record both revealed that I would be paying the extra $25! I spent weeks emailing PayPal, trying to get my $25 credit. No luck. The Customer Service Reps claimed that it was the $25 credit that I hadn't received. I knew that wasn't the case. And then I read some of the comments on this page, and I checked my credit card statement - there's the $25! PayPal just charged my credit card $25 less than what is stated on the PayPal transaction record. There's no mention of the $25 PayPal deduction on the transaction record. So if anyone's having the same frustrating experience of feeling like they were ripped-off by PayPal, perhaps check your credit card statement and see if PayPal did in fact give you your rightful $25 credit.
                          • Anna W.
                            That's good news T, thanks for letting us know!
                        • Diana
                          I was already a customer (but never ordered until now and a long time user of PayPal. I figured this would be a good chance to use the rewards gift card I had and get a xmas gift. My total was $77, and after using my rewards it came to $52. I did see the "Special Offer" text listed on the checkout process at, but then I was charged the full amount through PayPal. I've contacted twice: first time, no reply, no acknowledgement either. Second time, there was an automated receipt message, and a day later, another email with a complete copy paste of what was written on the PayPal offer page, and a suggestion to call PayPall on their toll free number. I've opened a dispute with PayPal and am waiting for a reply. The way I see it, it's false advertising if the discount isn't applied automatically in the transaction details through PayPal. Oddly enough, today I got an email from regarding their November sales and how some customers had bad experiences, and offering me a $10 gift certificate. Strangely enough, it went to my primary PayPal email and not to the email account I use for the site.
                          • Diana
                            An update. Received ONE of the ordered items. Seems the other one is being sent in a separate parcel. The invoice for the single item has nothing to do with the invoice processed on the site. Further reply from regarding the missing PayPal discount says:"Unfortunately I do not have insight into your Paypal account. I suggest you give Paypal a call and they should be able to better assist you!." Looks like the dispute within PayPal will need to be escalated to a claim.
                            • Diana
                              Update once again. sent my items in two separate shipments, with two invoices. I'm guessing this may have been the problem for not applying the PayPal discount, but what do I know, no one even bothered to reply with anything other than copy/paste of the instructions on the PayPal offer page. PayPal solved the claim deciding in my favor. The $25 was still not applied after three attempts at resolution with customer service on my part. PayPal actually refunded me the ENTIRE amount of my purchase, which really surprised me, since I just wanted the $25 they promised.
                          • Diana
                            Oh, and someone posted earlier how their $25 credit showed in the credit card statement. Mine did not.
                            • Natalie
                              Anyone know if this is still going on with paypal and
                              • Olivia
                                I just cashed in on the $25 paypal promo (got a reminder email) today and it worked! I believe it is running until the end of June 2014.