Parentscanada / Fillyourown Deal: 50% Off Litterless Lunch Kits (Now $18 + Shipping)

Parentscanada / Fillyourown Deal: 50% Off Litterless Lunch Kits (Now $18 + Shipping)

We've blogged about fillyourown and parentscanada a few times here, and they've come out with a deal today. On Parentscanada, they've set up a deal with fillyourown - you can get a litterless lunch kit for half price, plus there's an extra discount with the Bargainmoose exclusive coupon code too.

The litterless lunch kit has a regular price of $46, it's $23 on Parentscanada, then use the promotional  code MOOSE for an extra $5 discount (for new accounts only), making it only $18 in total. Sadly, shipping is a bit extra, from $8 - but with the $5 extra coupon code, that will really help towards that. Alternatively, you can get free pickup in the Vancouver area.

The litterless lunch kit includes:

  • One 500ml size 18/8 stainless steel water bottle (worth $19.99)
  • One 16oz plastic free stainless steel container (worth $17.99)
  • rPET reusable lunch bag (worth $7.99)

I think these are pretty cute, as they're colourful designs by Canadian artists - really funky!

When typing out this deal, I actually typed "lunchless litter kit" a couple of times... that wouldn't be nearly as filling, or as friendly to the environment!

I've really got to get something like this for my fiancé. I think the riverside one in dark blue would be ideal. He goes to work every day and spends a ton of money on sandwiches and drinks... but we need to start saving up to buy a house. All those dollars count, so if he can take lunches to work instead, I think it would save us a fortune. Although, it would really take a concerted effort to make it work... like prepping sandwiches the night before, etc.

Anyone here got one of the fillyourown lunch sets? Do you like it?

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