15% off Owleez Flying Baby Owls @ Chapters

Help your baby owl learn to fly!
15% off Owleez Flying Baby Owls @ Chapters

Does anyone else here remember Sky Dancers? They were those flying figurines that spun off their bases and into the air. I wanted one for ages, but, looking back, I'm honestly a little happy my parents never caved and bought them for me and my sister. I mean, those things were dangerous.

Well, it looks like something similar is making its way onto store shelves sometime this fall – but these seem MUCH safer. They're called Owleez, and these little baby owls launch into the sky!

Once you adopt one of these Owleez, it's up to you to help them learn how to fly. They're completely interactive pets who will get more comfortable in the air with practice. Place your new pet in her nest (which is included) and just watch as she spreads her wings to take flight! There are eight different Owleez to collect in all.

Each one is made from durable and lightweight material, so they'll be okay if and when they crash. They make up to 100 different sounds and movements and can even respond to your touch. Feed your baby owl berries when she's hungry and make sure you check her eyes – because they change colour based on her mood. And after you tuck her into bed, you can plug in the nest's built-in USB cord to recharge.

They're currently available at Chapters Indigo, where Owleez sell for $69.95 each. But they qualify for those 15% off Weekends codes, which means you can sometimes order one on sale! This weekend, you can use the promo code MAPLE15 to pick up Owleez for $59.46 each. Just act fast before the code expires!

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  • Vanessa S.

    was just going to tag you.. haha. Oh good..:rolling_eyes:

    • TA H.

      Better start hoarding :joy:

      • Courtney K.

        check these out!! They sound so cool!

        • Jessica P.

          they do!!

          • Stephanie R.

            Another hatchimal like toy that will be played with for a week