These Orig3n DNA Tests Start at $49.99!

Find out how your genetics impact your overall health
These Orig3n DNA Tests Start at $49.99!

Forget about Ancestry and 23andMe for a second, because there's a new kind of DNA test in town. Orig3n testing kits are available for pre-order now at Best Buy Canada, and they can tell you all kinds of things you may have wondered about yourself, like whether or not you have a genetic tendency for high blood pressure.

Unlike other DNA tests on the market, these are more about helping you pinpoint clues about your overall health, instead of focusing on your ancestry or overall genetic makeup. With Orig3n, you buy specific kits designed to help you learn how to incorporate better nutrition, fitness and overall holistic health into your life.

And there's one other key selling point. Compared to those other tests, these are cheap. Orig3n tests start at $49.99 for something like this Hunger & Weight DNA Home Testing Kit. It can give you information about how your genes impact your appetite and weight – so you can use that knowledge to modify your diet or other behaviours and stay healthy. Just follow their instructions to collect and submit a DNA swab and wait for the results to see whether you're genetically inclined to retain weight, crave sugar and more.

These kits are available for pre-order now, and they should all ship on or around Dec. 6 of this year. When that happens, home delivery will be free (since each kit costs more than their minimum $35 requirement).

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