Oliver's Labels Canada Promo Code: $20 Off The Camp Package

Oliver's Labels Canada Promo Code: $20 Off The Camp Package


Need labels for your child's camp gear or for back to school and want to get ahead of the game? Save $20 off Oliver's Labels camp package with promo code, bringing the price down to $38.99 from $58.99.

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  • Coupon Code: CAMP2014
  • Discount: $20 off camp package
  • Expiry: 10th June 2014

Would you rather spend $40 on labels or $80 on a new jacket, shoes, water bottle, etc.? My kid's school starts going through the very full lost and found bin at this time of year, hoping that all the label-less items get claimed and when they don't, they get shipped off to charity. Some lucky people get some expensive items that some poor moms and dads will never see again. I remember last year going through it to see if anything of my child's was in there and was shocked to see a coat owned by my middle son because I didn't even know it was lost. Come the following Fall, I find out, it wasn't lost, I took someone else's coat. If it was labelled, that would never have happened. Same thing happened at karate the other day. I was sure that a jacket was my son's since it was on top of my other son's jacket and the same jacket. I was thinking that I knew I labelled it, but tried to leave with it anyway. It wasn't mine again and the parent told me last year someone took his son's boots home for the same reason, and left their boots that were 3 sizes too small. Label your stuff people!

The camp pack has so much that you can use on a variety of items including shoe labels, iron-on clothing labels, bag tags and so much more. It will also ship to you for free, so that's a sweet bonus.

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