Oliver's Labels Canada: Free $5 Gift Card With Every Purchase

Oliver's Labels Canada: Free $5 Gift Card With Every Purchase


Thanks to Mother's Day, Oliver's Labels is giving you a little gift with every purchase until May 11th. You'll get a $5 gift card with your order, no matter how big or how small!

On top of the free gift card, you'll also get free shipping. Both of these are amazing bonuses to get just for shopping. You shouldn't just think of Oliver's Labels as just being a place to get boring old labels. They have some really cool ones that make sense for a bunch of different situations. If you have a child entering kindergarten, you may be excited or apprehensive. I'm there with you as my baby is entering kindergarten this Fall and I'm feel overwhelmed by it. They may not yet be able to read their name and you might be buying them a bunch of new belongings for the school year. To help them recognize their stuff easily (and help the other kids too), check out these photo labels. You'll get 8 labels for $9.99, which is great for the cups, lunch bags, backpacks and more. You don't just have to put their face on it, add a photo of your family, which might give them a little bit of a secure feeling while they are there without you.

If your child also has some allergies, sending them to school might be very worrisome for you. Check out these allergy labels, which can go on any item of your child's warning people of the allergy. They are also impossible to remove, even in the dishwasher, microwave or the rain. They are $9.99 for 9 labels.

These inexpensive products are only about $10 and you'll get half that back in a gift card to use for next time. Because the shipping is free, you can make multiple orders over and over to make the most of your orders.

(Expiry: 11th May 2014)


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  • Phillis M.
    I love love love Oliver's Labels. I've been using them for years on all my daughters' clothes and school supplies. I even have my own labels on my phone, keys and glasses.