Now You Can Shower With A Full Face Of Make-up Thanks To The ShowrShield

Great for when you need to shower, but you're face is already done.
Now You Can Shower With A Full Face Of Make-up Thanks To The ShowrShield

I have lost count of the amount of times, I've got myself ready for the day only to discover that my hair ain't playing ball. The easiest thing to do is shower, but I've already spent like 30 minutes making myself beautiful. Here's the hero... the Showrshield from Etsy Seller: ShowrShield.

Shower Shield For Face

Okay, so the Showrshield ain't for everyone, but it sure is handy for those of us that are rather high maintenance.

If you get eyelash extensions done, or have forked out £200+ on microbladed brows - you don't want all that time and money wasted just by going in the shower. Stick on the a shower shield and you're protected.

Another good thing to use it for is if you've got dressings or stitches following a surgical procedure on your face. This will keep everything clean and dry.

What I need one for is to keep the shampoo off my face when I am rinsing my hair, as it aggravates patches of eczema that I have on my cheeks.

I know that I could also do with one on those days where I need a shower after work, but I don't want to have to completely re-do my make-up, when a quick touch-up would suffice.

You can get the Showrshield for $41.31 delivered - additional taxes may be added onto this, as it's coming from the US.

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  • Stacey H.

    you should sell these with your lift and tint

    • Ashley A.

      Yes, good idea! :joy: Keep those lashes dry and not ruin makeup..... check & check!

      • Marjan B.


        • Britney T.

          we need this for our eyelashes lol