Nintendo Wii Accessory Deals

Nintendo Wii Accessory Deals

I was just looking for some accessories for my Nintendo Wii and I saw a few deals on various sites, so thought I would do a bit of a compilation post. If you've got a Nintendo Wii, have a glance down the list and see if there are any accessories that you might need too:

Dual Charging Station w/ 2 Rechargeable Battery & LED light for Wii Remote Control for $15.58 @ Everydaysourceincluding shipping when you use coupon code VDAY2012 (US based but ships to Canada). Great if you use the wii a lot and need a charger.

Wii Zapper With Link's Crossbow Training for $19.83 @ Amazon. I already have this and it's a great fun little accessory and game.

Xtreme gaming 6 in 1 sport set for $13.99 @ The Source. It's got a golf accessory, a bat, a wheel, a tennis racket. I find that these little accessories for the wii-mote can sometimes help you play better - the golf club in particular.

Disney Universe (Nintendo Wii) for $39.99 @ Future Shop. Good title for the kids?

Wii Dancing Matfor $19.99 @ Amazon. I used to love DDR so much!! I was an expert at it... 10 years ago!

7 in 1 exercise wii kit for $26.99 @ Tigerdirect (shipping would be extra on that one though). This package is probably worth it just for the yoga mat alone...

Just Dance 2 for $19.99 @ Best Buy - this has dropped a bit in price as Just Dance 3 is out now. I've been playing the second one at my sister's house. It's a weird game, I feel odd dancing away when all you need to do is move your wii-mote arm!


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