Nintendo 2DS With Mario Kart 7 $99.96 @ Amazon Canada

Nintendo 2DS With Mario Kart 7 $99.96 @ Amazon Canada

The kids are obsessed with Mario Kart - which is fun and all, but they are always occupying the TV with it. I want to watch my Greys Anatomy, so I thought maybe they could use a Nintendo DS instead. Like usual, has read my mind. I've just spotted the Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7 (in both Electric Blue and Crimson Red) on sale at Amazon Canada for $99.96 down from $109.96.

The Nintendo 3DS has been incredibly hard to find in stock as of late (for a decent price), so if you're not all that concerned in the 3D department then this is a perfect (and much more affordable) alternative. Each of these Nintendo 2DS consoles come with Mario Kart 7 and you'll be happy to hear that these consoles can also play the Nintendo 3DS games - minus the 3D part.

Shipping is free since this purchase will be well over $35.


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