Newegg Canada: Seagate 5TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive Was $220 | Now $137

Newegg Canada: Seagate 5TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive Was $220 | Now $137


**BUMP - Price drop! The 5TB hard drive has dropped to $154.99 + $6.99 shipping. Pay with Visa (as detailed below) and use the coupon code to get this 5TB hard drive for only $129.99 + $6.99 shipping = $136.98 **

I think I may be buying myself a new hard drive because this is a killer deal. Currently, the Seagate Expansion 5TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive (STBV5000100) is on sale from $219.99 down to $159.99. Newegg Canada currently has a Visa coupon code - VCMAR25 - for $25 off orders of $150 or more. Pay with Visa at checkout and use the coupon code mentioned above to purchase your 5TB Seagate hard drive for only $134.99 plus $6.99 shipping.

This is a very impressive price. As I have worked out before, the best deal I ever see on a hard drive work out to $27.50 per TB. This deal is for a larger hard drive and it comes in at an impressive $27 per TB (excluding shipping) or $28.39 per TB including shipping. That is an impressive deal for a hard drive this size.

I price compared this unit with other retailers. Taking into account shipping, you will pay $141.98 (plus the usual taxes) for the hard drive. Here is what other companies sell this unit for:

  • $166.98 @ Amazon Canada
  • $169.99 @
  • $220.99 + shipping @ Tiger Direct Canada
  • $194.95 @ iT Factory Canada

As you can see, even with shipping at Newegg Canada, they have the absolute best price on this hard drive. The key is the coupon code - so borrow a friend's Visa card if you do not already have one.

The hard drive comes with a one-year warranty. If concerned about the length of the warranty, you can purchase an extended warranty. A one-year extended replacement warrant will run you around $18.

Overall, the reviews on this hard drive are quite positive. As one reviewer says

5 TB drive Runs fast and quiet. It sits on my desk and I never hear it. When I access the drive it responds quickly. Seagate hit a Homerun with this one.

Out of ALL the places I looked, the reviewers on Newegg seemed to rate, this hard drive lower than other places. I wanted to know why, so I read some of the reviews. Another reviewer responded to these negative views by suggesting they not remove the hard drive from its enclosure, delete the original partition, and do not leave it on all the time. You can read the reviews and figure out if this is a good hard drive for you.

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  • Jeremie D.
    Hey! Thanks you for the offer. I bought it! I'm a IT guy and this is my tip : With the 25$, buy yourself a 3 yrs warranty coverage. These disks are only warranty 1 years. And trust me, a hard disk is the most fragile item in the computer world. Imagine an unstable usb hard disk. You will thanks me in 1 and half year ;). Also! Don't put your precious data on it. Or otherwise, do a backup regularly (each day minimum). You wouldn't lost your precious files if the hard disk dies
    • RayT
      Thx for this post, I bought one as well. My Visa card automatically adds another year of warranty. Had to use the "Visa Checkout" option, as the code wouldn't work if you just tried to pay with a Visa card.