Newberry Dolls from $18.90 @ Sears

Newberry Dolls from $18.90 @ Sears

My girls are going to keep their rooms clean for a year once they unwrap these super cute Newberry dolls from Sears.

Abigail is so chic in her stylish fall outfit. And Emma is a trendsetter in her patterned leggings. Both dolls are on sale for $20.99, but use promo code WISH10and you will get an additional 10% off.

Every doll needs a few extra outfits. Pick up this set of mix and match holiday outfits for just $22.50. And this accessory pack with so many pairs of shoes, purses and sunglasses is only $10.80 with discount. I wish they came in my size.

Even furniture and playsets are on sale. I am loving this sweet bed for $22.50 with discount. Or your girl and her doll can run a mini lemonade stand for $18.90.

I just can't stand the cuteness.


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  • vtechman

    if you could order through the sears website it would be great but their site is not working and when you call them to purchase the items you don't get the discounts.  no wonder sears is going down hill and almost out of business.

    • serenityriver

      I was so excited to see this deal and rushed to get my daughter a doll and some accessories for Christmas, I got everything lined up in the cart went to check out and could not select payment method or complete the order .  I thought no big deal called sears to order well they are only on sale on the website not in store not if you phone in .  They can give the discount but its a long process and wont honour the WISH10 discount with out much ado when all was complete my order was 50.00 more to order through the phone then on the website . Its to bad sears is such a poor company to deal with as they always seem to have the great items .   I will not be getting a newberry item this year .

      • sleep1880

        Sears is absolutely ridiculous. It's really unbelievable. They ended this sale sometime between 8 pm and 9:30 pm. I had other issues with my cart (their cart actually changed the total I was charged after I had placed my order) so I called and the CSR I was dealing with told me that "prices are subject to change." Seriously.

        Also, their cart is not secure. There was no green lock by the web address on the cart page so I opted for Paypal. Now they apparently have no way to refund me the money they basically stole from me. The CSR said he needs to talk to his supervisor tomorrow to see how they can refund me what they overcharged. We'll see.