New Samples Available @ P&G Brandsampler Canada * BUMP*

New Samples Available @ P&G Brandsampler Canada * BUMP*


*** BUMP - it's back! Try and get more freebies :)  I had to take the quiz a few times but managed to get a second household one ***

Quick, these freebies always run out fast! Head over to P&G Brandsampler Canada to register for a chance to receive great freebies from Brandsampler. Sign up or login to your account, and see if you qualify for a box of free samples.

To receive your freebies, you will need to register with P&G Brandsampler first. If you already have an account, you can sign in to your previous account. Once inside your account, go to the menu along the top bar and choose coupons and offers. You should be given two options and for the samples you need to choose.

Not all accounts qualify, but if yours does, you should have two survey options. I am seeing options for a box of home samples and a box of beauty samples. P&G prompts you to take a short quiz for either sample box. I was not able to qualify for the beauty box, but I was able to qualify for the household samples. I noticed that the system also allowed me to take the quiz more than once. The first time I took the quiz for the household samples it said I did not qualify. I retook the quiz again providing different answers and this time qualified for samples. Once I qualified for the household samples, I was not able to go back and try for the beauty box again.

P&G Brandsampler limits this freebie to one per household. If you qualified, you can expect your freebies in the next five to eight weeks. In past years, these sample packs usually go live a few times over a couple days. The household box last year was full of great freebies including mini samples of laundry soap pods, Mr. Clean erasers, dish soaps pods and a variety of other items. I have also received a full-size mascara, facial cleaner and lotion, teeth whitening strips, shampoo and other great samples in the past from P&G brandsampler.

If you have not already clipped them, do not forget to clip some free coupons at P&G. P&G will prompt you to install a java applet if you have not printed before, and then coupons will be sent straight to your printer. I see many great coupons right now for products made by Tide, Febreeze, Swiffer, Cover Girl, Gain, Crest and Bounty.

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  • Brooke W.
    I wanted the beauty products but unfortunately did not qualify. I did get the household products though - fabulous! Thanks!
    • Kristy R.
      I wish I could sign up for both. I feel like they are purposely making receiving the samples a little tricky this year with the surveys hidden away in that top menu bar.
      • Faz
        Sign up but when I tried to signed in the account it say it has not been activated :(
        • Kristy R.
          Faz- Do you need to activate your account through an e-mail confirmation? Did you receive an e-mail confirmation when you created your account?
          • Carly
            Same here, I signed up but I try to see if I qualify it says my account is not yet activated. Got an email from them but nothing to click to activate...
            • Nishat
              This is awesome!!
              • Amanda
                If you get "account is not yet activated", sign into your account and go to your "profile" and update your address. Once you have done that, you should be able to complete the survey. It worked for me :)
                • Kristy R.
                  Thanks Amanda!