New Canada 150 Items @ Tim Hortons

New Canada 150 Items @ Tim Hortons

Oh. My. Gosh. I always get so excited when Tim Hortons adds new items to their menu - even if temporarily. For Canada's 150th Birthday, Tim Hortons has added a bunch of new delicious treats that I can't wait to try. In fact, I just sent my boyfriend on a Timmy's run!

All of the new treats sound awfully delicious to me - what about you?

Here are some of the new Canadian-themed treats that have been launched at Tim Hortons Canada restaurants:

  • White & Red Velvet Muffin
  • Dutchie Donut
  • Nanaimo Bar Donut
  • Maple Timbits

I'm all in for the Nanaimo Bar Donut! I am drooling just looking at it.

Which one will you try first?


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  • Derek M.

    Won't lie... already had one lol.....

    • Bonnie W.

      Me too! That is, me two. :speak_no_evil:

    • Margaret S.

      They need to keep it a regular item

      • CoLe G.

        Are we passing them pon-ee left hand side? :sweat_smile:

        • Chantelle O.

          Def needs to come back permanently!!!

          • Kath L.

            Wish I could get one but don't have a Tim,s in the UK

            • Laura F.

              Tim Horton donuts are gross.

              • Louise C.

                I was so disappointed when the Dutchie was discontinued. I grabbed one yesterday and it was better than I remember. Please keep them on the shelf. So yummy!!

                • Melissa H.

                  I worked there for 3 years sold one ...any other time they were put in rude/annoying customers dozens box :joy:

                  • Mary L.

                    The muffin is really good!