NeatoShop (US): Free Shipping Worldwide

NeatoShop (US): Free Shipping Worldwide


Get worldwide free shipping on awesome t-shirts from amazing artists at NeatoShop. This offer is only good through tomorrow, so hop to it like little bunnies.

The free shipping offer apples to t-shirts only. T-shirts start at just $19.95 and all prices are in USD.

These are not your plain, boring, stupid, graphic tees. These amazing, wonderful, creative, and sometimes outrageous and gory teas will actually impress the receiver with your thoughtfulness! These tees also service the geekdom at large. Do you like: Star Trek? Star Wars? Dr. Who? Hello Kitty? My Little Pony? We won't tell. However, there is a shirt for your type of geek waiting for you on NeatoShop right now.

I found out about this sale because the artist of a web comic I read has shirts on Neato. Her handle is Dooomcat and she makes thinks that are cute and fluffy with a bit of blood and bad things happening sometimes. I just LOVE the way she melds different things together or how she changes our perspective on old classics. Her Hiding in the Dark  shirt is pretty awesome to someone who grew up playing Where's Waldo in the doctor's office waiting room.

One of those mash ups I was talking about is shown in Puffcicles. The shirt melds the drawing style of the Power Puff Girls with the characters from Frozen. It is nostalgic for me and yet relevant for an entirely new generation of kids who love women of action!

The Father of the Year shirt answers the question about what would life have been like for Luke and Leia had Darth been an active force in their lives (haha!). I think this shirt is sooooo adorable and they should make an entire animated TV series based on it.

Nailing down my favourite t-shirt is hard because I love so many of them. This My Angry Neighbor  is a strong contender because I am a massive fan of My Neighbor Totoro and I have a strong feeling there is a reference to Godzilla somewhere in this piece.

I have never shopped at Neato before, but I think they are an awesome store and an amazing place to buy Christmas gifts. With free shipping, I thought this was a cool place to introduce you too. You may be subject to customs on orders of $20 or more. I do not know how Canadians have fared in the past, as I have never ordered from them before.

(Expiry: 27th November 2014)


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  • Sarah S.
    I've ordered from NeatoShop - Nov 6 order of a t-shirt arrived on Nov 21 - no duty. The other part of the order wasn't a t-shirt and was shipped separately, so I'm not sure if it will accrue duties. The t-shirt was a Hanes 100% cotton t-shirt with the graphic printed on it (as opposed to being woven in) - It appears to be excellent quality (haven't done a wash-test yet since it's a Christmas present). Such a great way of supporting an artist and getting a truly unique t-shirt.
    • Avigayil M.
      Thanks so much for your feedback! That will certainly help others when deciding whether to buy or not (and the time it took to arrive really helps too). :-)
    • Anna W.
      Excellent store find Avi, and free worldwide shipping is fandabbydosie!
      • Sarah S.
        Update re shipping times: the other part of my purchase (wall decals- came in a poster tube) arrived today! No duty despite the fact its declared at a higher value than $20. (Also - It came via Sweden - no idea why).