NCIX Canada: Easter Sale & Free Shipping Trick!

NCIX Canada: Easter Sale & Free Shipping Trick!

This is not a blog post for the technophobes! If you have a fear of electronics, look away now! is having an Easter Sale, between the 8th and 14th April, 2009.

First of all, here’s the main reason why I am blogging about NCIX. If you’re buying some computer parts or electronics there, sometimes the shipping can be a little bit steep. There’s a track for you to get free shipping on ANY order though – just add one of their $10 gift cards to your cart.

If you were going to be spending $10 or more on those shipping fees anyway, then why not just throw the gift card into your cart instead? It means you can then use it towards a future purchase, or even give it to family or friends who need to make an order. For example, I added a Benq 24” widescreen monitor to my cart, costing $300. Shipping was $19.88 anyway, so it makes hella more sense to just add the $10 gift card and get free shipping on your total order instead!

Secondly, NCIX Canada has a really decent Easter sale on there as well. Let’s see if I can mention a few hot bargains for you.

  • Need some more RAM for your underperforming computer? This Crucial Ballistix 2GB kit is only $9.99 after a $40 manufacturer’s rebate! If you don’t mind rebates, you can really score yourself a bargain here. I’ve never had a problem with mail-in rebates – just be sure to stick to the exact letters of the T&Cs and you should be good.
  • If you need some extra storage space for your desktop PC, check out this deal on the Western Digital Caviar 640GB internal hard drive. It’s only $64.99!! I think my internal hard drives are only 500GB, and they’re slowly filling up… I’m going to need to upgrade soon myself!!
  • How about a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Webcam for only $89.99!? Perfect for sending love and kisses to your international internet virtual lover. I’ve price compared, and this webcam is $100+ everywhere else, so it’s a nice price from NCIX. There are only 20 left as I am writing this, so grab it while you can.

There are quite a few more deals on the easter sale pages, these are just a few.


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