NCIX: $25 Gift Card & Free Shipping w/Microsoft Office Home & Business

NCIX: $25 Gift Card & Free Shipping w/Microsoft Office Home & Business

You need an office suite for your home, and for your business. Why not get Office 2010 Home and Business? And while you're at it, get free shipping AND a $25 gift card.

The Home and Business editions cost $209.98 and come with a $25 gift card and free shipping. The Professional edition costs $439.98, comes with a $30 gift card and free shipping.

If you're looking at getting Microsoft Office, there is no reason not to get this. You get the gift card and if you order anything else with your office product key, you get free shipping. This is a key for a download, not a physical disk. There are some rules so make sure you read them.

I really like this kind of deal. It isn't like they're trying to get you to buy something that you don't really need, it's like they're rewarding you for buying the product at their store instead of elsewhere. Of course every aspect of this deal is meant to make you buy more.

First, they give you free shipping on something that barely costs anything to be shipped. So what do you do, you go shopping of course. You don't want to give up your free shipping on a product key card. Maybe you get a USB key, a Blu-Ray Player, a memory card for your camera. Suddenly you've spent another $200.

And then there is the gift card. The amount is, I'm assuming, lower than their average purchase. They know you won't come on the website and buy $24.32 of goods. They know you are much more likely to buy a $500 laptop and put your $25 card on it.

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(Expires: 12 August 2012)


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