Mountain Equipment Co-op: Clearance Bicycles - Urban to Mountain - Save Up To $550

Mountain Equipment Co-op: Clearance Bicycles - Urban to Mountain - Save Up To $550

Time for a bike upgrade? Check out some of the great options on clearance at MEC!

There are five bicycles on clearance.

I used to bike all the time and I miss it dearly. I was riding a $750 bike before I quit, and I had a choice of a $2000 bike or a $2000 laptop. I went with the laptop, but sometimes I regret that. Biking was just so liberating. You could go anywhere with a bike. You can do trails, urban drops, street riding, trails - whatever you want. It's just fun. And that's not even mentioning the health stuff. I suspect that if I had gotten the bike instead of the laptop, I'd be in far better shape than I am now.

If I was still in to biking, I'd be making regular trips to the nearest Mountain Equipment Co-op (in Halifax, six hours away, in case anyone at MEC is reading and looking at putting up a new location) for gear. Of course, would be a constant spot for me to look. I bought a bunch of climbing gear from them once and the staff was incredibly helpful and knew their stuff, so if you aren't sure of any of these bikes (although if you're spending $3000 on a bike, you likely know what you're doing), I'm sure you could call or email them and they'd be able to help you.

I think the MEC Skyway looks pretty cool. It's an urban bicycle, so people who are sick of driving in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or whatever other traffic-congested city you might be in would find this bike quite useful. If you're hitting the trails and the muck, well, maybe not. The Skyway is meant specifically for driving through the streets, so it's perfect for city-dwellers looking to get to work or the store without their car.

Shipping is free, but they do not ship to rural or remote locations or to P.O. boxes. So, if you go stand by the side of the street in front of your house and all you can see around you is wheat or snow or trees, you might want to call them and make sure you can have gear shipped to you.

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