Mommy's Sippy Cup (Wine Tumbler) $15 @

Mommy's Sippy Cup (Wine Tumbler) $15 @

Sometimes, moms need sippy cups too. If you want to take your wine on the go, or are tired of the kids knocking it over (or maybe even you knock it over)... then check out this Vino2Go Double Wall Insulated Wine Tumbler from This tumbler ranges in price from $14.95 to $19.49, but is the lowest price around for the must-have for any wine lover.

This Vino2Go Double Wall Insulated Wine Tumbler comes in five colours, and the prices vary by a few dollars depending on the colour. Here are the colours and prices available:

  • Black: $16.74
  • White: $19.49
  • Blue: $14.95
  • Red: $16.74
  • Green: $16.74

This cup will not only stop you from spilling full glasses of the liquid gold allover the place, but it will also keep your favourite wine at the perfect drinking temperature. Meanwhile, the glass won't even sweat! Get this as a gift for that "Spilly Drinker" you know, or even treat yourself. I know of some people who have purchased these as a joke gift, but they actually turned out to be quite useful.

Since this item is shipped and sold by, you will get free shipping on orders over $25. So maybe purchase two of these lovely inventions? Or, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you will get free shipping anyway.


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